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Our Products - Bedliner Plastic Resurfacing

QuickSilver Means Quick Release

Running with a QuickSilver liner enables you to help eliminate damaging backhoe cleanouts, high pressure washes and costly dumping methods like "slam-dumping".

Aluminum and steel beds stick. Even stainless steel will stick. QuickSilver's special formula provides a super lubricated surface that helps move even the most diffucult materials.

QuickSilver Means All Kinds of Loads

It doesn't make any difference what part of the country you are in - sticky products present challanges.

QuickSilver seamless liner enables the cleanout of the toughest materials in the worst conditions...

  • Coal
  • Phosphate
  • Sand
  • Flyash
  • Limestone
  • Ore Concentrate
  • Clay
  • Sludge
  • Topsoil
  • Salt
  • Snow
  • Asphalt

Osseo Plastics has the liner to fit your needs!


  • Nonpourous H.M.W. (High Molecular Weight) liner prevents freezing and sticking to liner surface.
  • Loads release quickly avoiding dangerous high stage dumping.
  • H.M.W. polymer will not corrode
  • H.M.W. has superior low temperature crack-resistant over lower grade H.D.P.E.
  • Extremely economical. Less than 1/3 the price of heavy duty U.H.M.W.
  • Continuous length liners available in 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" thickness, 8' and 10' wide. 3/16" available in 8' wide only

Spray on Plastic Coatings for Unlimited Applications

  • Chemical Trucks & Tanks
  • Containment Tanks
  • Wood Surfaces
  • Fiberglass surfaces
  • Small Parts
  • Wear Plates
  • Boat Decking
  • Street Sweepers
  • Cement Chutes

Increases the Re-sale Value
The eye-catching Fabick Bedliner looks like it was factory installed and increases the resale value!





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