Floor Coating Systems

Floor coating systems from Osseo Plastics & Supply provide attractive, long-lasting protection for concrete surfaces. We have a variety of options to ensure the correct system is matched to your application. All of our floor coating systems can be applied to new or existing concrete floors, and our trained technicians will ensure your installation is completed professionally with minimal disruption.

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Our Available Floor Coating Systems

Epoxy – Commercial | Industrial

The Micor 1882 epoxy floor coating system is a 100% solids system designed for use in corrosive environments and offers protection against a wide range of chemicals. It can be used as a top coat and sealer, or as part of a complete system that offers a sand cast textured or decorative flake finish.

Textured options are available to provide varying levels of slip resistance. Additional UV resistance is achieved by pairing the 1882 epoxy system with a polyurethane top coat. Available in 16 standard colors. Micor 1882 epoxy comes with a standard 7-year warranty.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)

Like Floor Life, MMA is best suited for industrial and dairy applications for a non-slip surface with excellent chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance. As well as being applied as a troweled coating with a sand mixture additive, MMA may also be roll applied for a thinner top coat / sealer coating.

The primary feature of the MMA floor system is its fast cure time and tolerance for application at low temperatures. MMA can be applied at temperatures below freezing, and cures in as fast as 30 minutes (cure time is dependent upon surface and ambient temperature). Standard 7-year warranty.

Floor Life – Dairy | Industrial

Floor Life is formulated as a 100% solids general purpose industrial epoxy flooring with excellent resistance to a broad range of chemical and abrasive conditions. It is designed for use in harsh environments of food and beverage processing plants, and has been used extensively by Osseo Plastics & Supply for over 20 years in dairy applications such as milk houses, parlors, and cheese processing.

Floor Life is a trowel-applied coating that, when finished, provides a system that is approximately 1/4”-3/8” thick with a slip resistant texture. Because of its finished thickness, it allows for repairing of badly damaged or pitted concrete surfaces, as well as withstands the rigors of heavy traffic from cattle or forklifts. Available in 2 standard colors – medium gray and red. Floor Life comes with a standard 15-year warranty.

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