Recreational Plastics

Make the most of your downtime and protect your investments with recreational products from Osseo Plastics & Supply. We offer a variety of available items in-house, but our fabrication and machining capabilities allow us the ability to create custom products when needed for almost any application.

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Our Available Materials


Light weight, durable, and large, our snow shovels make winter cleanup easier with a 36” wide blade. The blades are made from durable polyethylene and are reversible to extend their life. If they do wear out, you can simply replace the blades!

  • $78.00

Boat & UTV Windshields

Polycarbonate or Acrylic replacement windshields can be made for almost any framed boat window design or UTV. Material thicknesses are available from 1/16” up to ½” in both clear and smoke (tinted).

Boat Trailer Bunks

Replace old, worn out carpet trailer bunks with polyethylene bunks. Made from 1/2” material, they easily attach to your existing bunk boards and will not wear out like carpet. Additional benefits include easy cleaning and removal of aquatic invasive species and reduced wear and scratching of your boat.

Snowmobile Trailer Accessories

Protect your snowmobile or ATV/UTV and make loading and unloading easier on you and your trailer.

Snowmobile Trailer Ski Guides (Hardware Included)

  • 3/8” x 8” x 10’ (Pair): $72.00
  • 3/8” x 8” x 12’ (Pair): $82.00

Snowmobile Trailer Traction Mats

  • 3/8” x 16” x 6’: $34.00

Utility Sleds

Perfect for work or play, these molded sleds are rugged and perfect for the most demanding chores. Molded-in supports make pulling with a rope or rigid hitch mount a snap. Available in three sizes:

  • 48” x 20” x 8”: $46.00
  • 53” x 25” x 10”: $86.00
  • 59” x 30” x 13”: $128.00
  • 48” Sled Rigid Hitch: $55.00
  • 53” & 59” Rigid Hitch: $58.00

What our clients are saying...

“We gave them a vision or idea of what we wanted it to look like, and they still maintained a lot of the old character”
– Sean, owner of Northwoods Brew Pub

“Always helpful and friendly”
– Chad C.

“Great service”
– Lyle R.

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